Monday, October 15, 2012

One More Exercise

The Sidebridge

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The sidebridge also strengthens abdominal, lateral side, and back muscles, without compressing the disc spaces or the facet joints.  If it is painful, stop.  You may have to start with just one cycle and gradually increase the number, or you may not be able to do this exercise. 

Beginners start on the floor or mat lying on one side or the other and leaning on that elbow.  They have their knees bent.  By tightening the muscles on the side away from the mat they straighten their body and lift their hip from the mat until it is in a straight line between knees and shoulders.  Hold that position for a count of 3-5, and repeat 10 times as you get better.  Do both sides.

The intermediate exercise is done on the toes, rather than knees.

Advanced exercise is rolling from one elbow to the other while on the toes, and dipping to the mat.

You can see the beginner and intermediate versions at this website:


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